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  • 21-04-2020 - LC-MG-1-12-2020 (stage 2) - Cities as climate-resilient, connected multimodal nodes for smart and clean mobility: new approaches towards demonstrating and testing innovative solutions

    Specific Challenge:
    Europe's urban areas are struggling to develop themselves into well-connected multimodal and multi-usage nodes for smart and clean mobility. Multiple trends affect urban and inter-urban areas: urban growth, ...

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  • 21-04-2020 - LC-MG-1-15-2020 - Towards global environmental regulation of supersonic aviation

    Specific Challenge:This action is part of the Aviation International Cooperation Flagship called "Safer and Greener Aviation in a Smaller World" mentioned in the introduction to this work programme 2018-2020.Accelerated public ...

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  • 21-04-2020 - MG-2-10-2020 (stage 2) - Enhancing coordination between Member States' actions in the area of infrastructure research with a particular focus on biodiversity and ameliorating environmental impacts and full automated infrastructure upgrade and maintenance

    Specific Challenge:
    1. CSA subtopic: Substantial national and EU funds are spent on transport infrastructure development in all modes of transport. The efficiency of these expenditures is closely related ...

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  • 21-04-2020 - MG-2-13-2020 - Coordination and support for an integrated freight transport and logistics system

    Specific Challenge:Ensuring the seamless integration and harmonisation of transport modes is essential to achieve a truly integrated freight transport and logistics system, which on the one hand, is able to ...

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  • 21-04-2020 - MG-2-14-2020 - The effects of automation on the transport labour force, future working conditions and skills requirements

    Specific Challenge:The European Commission has launched a number of initiatives, studies, workshops and conferences on the challenges and effects that digitalisation and automation in transport may have on the labour ...

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  • 21-04-2020 - MG-3-4-2020 - Innovative electric network architectures and systems, optimising global energy, electrical power, data and communication for aviation

    Specific Challenge:Global energy aircraft optimisation is vital for both incremental as well as disruptive future aircraft configurations. It is key to modern More Electric Aircraft (MEA) architectures as well as ...

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  • 21-04-2020 - MG-3-5-2020 - Next generation multifunctional and intelligent airframe and engine parts, with emphasis on manufacturing, maintenance and recycling

    Specific Challenge:In order to substantially offer cost-competitive aviation products and services and in line with Circular Economy concepts, it is essential that production, assembly/de-assembly/reuse and operational costs are further reduced. ...

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  • 21-04-2020 - MG-3-6-2020 - Towards sustainable urban air mobility

    Specific Challenge:Urban air mobility (UAM) is a field of disruptive innovation, not only for aviation but also for mobility systems and urban planning at large. At urban / suburban and ...

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  • 21-04-2020 - MG-3-7-2020 - Improved Production and Maintenance Processes in Shipyards

    Specific Challenge:European Ship building, repair, modification and maintenance has been founded upon a technology based competitive advantage which has enabled it to build, improve and maintain the world’s most advanced ...

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  • 21-04-2020 - MG-3-8-2020 - 'First of a Kind' solutions for sustainable transport and mobility: EU initiative for accelerating EU-wide market access, scale up and derisking

    Specific Challenge:Cleaner and more sustainable mobility is one of the major challenges of our time. The urgency and the magnitude of climate change calls for effective measures to remove obstacles ...

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