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  • 21-04-2020 - LC-SC3-RES-31-2020 - Offshore wind basic science and balance of plant

    Specific Challenge:The contribution of offshore wind power to the energy mix is expected to increase significantly by 2030. Better knowledge of basic wind energy science and related areas contributes to ...

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  • 14-05-2020 - CE-BIOTEC-09-2020 - Upcycling Bio Plastics of food and drinks packaging (RIA)

    Specific Challenge:The European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy acknowledges the usefulness of plastics for the economy and our daily lives, but points out that plastics' use fails to ...

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  • 14-05-2020 - DT-NMBP-04-2020 - Open Innovation Test Beds for nano-enabled bio-based materials (IA)

    Specific Challenge:Nano-enabled bio-based materials can contribute to a stronger circular economy and more sustainable growth, with due consideration to life-cycle impact as well as their potential to substitute scarce materials. ...

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  • 14-05-2020 - DT-NMBP-05-2020 - Open Innovation Test Beds for materials for building envelopes (IA)

    Specific Challenge:"Nearly zero-energy, zero emission buildings" can make substantial contributions to COP21 goals. However, a large scale deployment of these buildings relies on marketable, cheap, flexible, on demand material based-solutions ...

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  • 14-05-2020 - DT-NMBP-06-2020 - Open Innovation Test Beds for nano-pharmaceuticals production (IA)

    Specific Challenge:Laboratories across Europe and the world develop novel promising laboratory proof-of-concepts for nano-pharmaceuticals. These proofs-of-concept show strong potential for providing more effective and safer therapies and diagnostic procedures (e.g. ...

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  • 14-05-2020 - DT-NMBP-11-2020 - Open Innovation Platform for Materials Modelling (RIA)

    Specific Challenge:In order to make business decisions, industry requires material model workflows spanning from materials design to materials processing and manufacturing validated in an industrial context, which meet specified technical ...

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  • 14-05-2020 - DT-NMBP-23-2020 - Next generation organ-on-chip (RIA-LS)

    Specific Challenge:‘Organ-on-Chip’ (OoC) is a promising technology for achieving more effective in-vitro research in a broad range of life science sectors, including medicine and pharmacy, cosmetics, agriculture and food, and ...

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  • 14-05-2020 - DT-NMBP-40-2020 - Creating an open market place for industrial data (RIA)

    Specific Challenge:In line with the objectives of Open Science and Open Innovation, the challenge is to make data FAIR through an effective common information system that allows in particular business-to-business ...

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  • 14-05-2020 - LC-NMBP-31-2020 - Materials for off shore energy (IA)

    Specific Challenge:The next generation of large offshore wind energy generators and tidal power generators will help to reach climate goals and CO2 reduction levels and are likely to secure Europe’s ...

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  • 14-05-2020 - NMBP-16-2020 - Safe by design, from science to regulation: multi-component nanomaterials (RIA)

    Specific Challenge:Complex multi-component, hybrid, functional nanomaterials and High Aspect Ratio Nanoparticles (NMs&HARNs), present both innovation potential and challenges in terms of assessing the risk in different environments. Concerns for these ...

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